Wealthy Affiliate Review – Does it Really Work?

Wealthy Affiliate Product ReviewReview of the Wealthy Affiliate product and why it is the best choice for special needs parents.

Overall Ranking: 10 out of 10
Price: $0 – free to sign up
Experience Level: Beginner/Newbie
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

What is it?

I’ve talked about the top 5 ways to earn in income as a special needs family already.  One of those ways is through a blog like this one and affiliate income.  Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one training system that not only teaches you step by step how to earn income through affiliate marketing, but they  have the tools to get your website setup in less than a minute!

Not to mention and entire community of like minded people learning and sharing with you along the way!  I honestly don’t have the time to learn all the things that go into setting up and running a blog all on my own.  I’ve got the step by step training and systems to just plug in and go!

So I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news

There are many pro’s about the system:

  • You can set up a blog and entire website with the push of a button in less than 30 seconds.  Watch that video here.
  • Step by step training on how to install your blog, get the structure of your site setup and even actual plans on what to post
  • Education in affiliate marketing
  • Brainstorm activities to keep you creating more and more content that WA Communitypeople will find
  • An entire community of people to help you along the way – discussion boards on any topic imaginable, actual people helping you with questions, issues and brainstorming.  People who have been where you are right now.  Just take a look at the welcome I got when I started! Right away I started people started connecting with me and having a genuine interest in my success.
  • EASY!  Seriously, this was the easiest way for someone like me with NO TIME to set up an entire website!

Okay Doctor now tell me the bad news….

  • It still requires work.  Sorry!  Yep, although all the tools are there to make this a snap, you still have to carve time out of your busy schedule to write the posts.  But there isn’t anything wrong with getting paid to write about something you love and be able to take care of your family right?
  • It takes time.  Wealthy Affiliate walks you step by step, day by day on getting set up with exactly what to write and what to do.  But you won’t have instant success.  But we special families are no strangers to waiting.  Waiting for test results, Doctor appointments that run over, waiting for a child to decide which colored bowl to have their cereal in…..So just give it time.  Keep going though!  I know one thing about us, we NEVER GIVE UP A FIGHT!
  • It still is a lot to learn.  Even though it is a lot, I found that the training is given in short digestible chunks.  No getting out the exlax to eliminate a blockage here!  (okay inside joke, but ya’ll have probably been there, are you with me?)  All kidding aside, you will learn exactly what you need to learn step by step.


This is definitely for all skill levels, but if you are a beginner you are definitely in good hands.  The advanced and intermediate groups will appreciate the connections they can make from the community.  I love being able to talk to an advanced person and get my questions answered, someone has asked it before!


  • I mentioned earlier about the chunks of information at a time, let me show you what I mean.


Pssst – sorry the graphic is blurry!  Okay, moving on.  What you’ll see here is that you’ve got a dashboard with program courses and lessons.  You have different lessons you work through one at a time.  Most have videos to watch, sample content, homework and more.  There are also discussion threads tied to each lesson so you can go and ask questions from people who have already been through that course or are taking it now.  Someone is there for you each step of the way.  *Hint – THIS POST was part of a lesson! 


The cool thing is that you’ve got TONS of support in your journey, but if you’ve got a problem with the platform help is one click away!  The owners are even posting directly on my profile page and responding to questions I have directly.


There are two price options for you.  There is a free $0 option and then there is a paid $47/mo option or you can save even more by paying for the yearly.  I’ve looked at other systems and programs and for $47/mo nothing beats this.  I’m not a tax professional, but this training would qualify as a business expense (consult a tax professional).

Final Verdict

Overall, if you are considering making the move into the world of online affiliate income, then Wealthy Affiliate can give you the tools to make it easy and train you every step of the way.  Ready to sign up for your free account?  Sign up here.

Have a Special day!


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