Train to Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

Do you love the medical field but don’t want to be a nurse?  Or would you love to be a nurse, but your duties as a special needs parent necessitates that you be at home? 

One thing I found in this journey is that I know way more about my family’s disease than almost every Doctor I’ve run across.  First thing I ever did was start reading Pub Med articles on everything about Huntington’s Disease and Juvenile Huntington’s Disease.  I became very familiar with medical terms like basal ganglia, allele, autonomic dysfunction and anosognosia.  I remember when I was in high school, one summer I spent some time working for my mother.

She worked from home running her own independent medical transcription company.  She always wanted to be a nurse, but the hours were long and hard and she had us kids she wanted to be there for all the time.  My dad got a new job and she was able to stay home and not have to work.  But she really craved to be involved in the medical field somehow.

She took a course in medical transcription at her local community college.  I remember being so proud of her.  She got all A’s and worked her butt off studying and typing to all ends of the night while still be there for me everyday.  She landed a job at a hospital doing transcription.  The drive was long and there was tons of traffic, but the exposure and hands on learning was very good and she was soaking up her new field.

It wasn’t long before she landed a position as an independent contractor for a woman who ran her own company and she could work from home.  Before you know it, my mom landed her own Doctors as clients and was in full control of her career.  She did that for more than 20 years!  I can’t tell you how great it was to always have my mom at home for me everyday and at all my events at school.

One summer she offered to let me earn some money working for her, doing transcription.  I gotta say, it was fun!  I love medical stuff too so it was interesting listening to the Doctors and typing up the reports.  I also enjoyed working side by side with my mom, that was a bonus.

So what exactly does a medical transcriptionist do and can it work for you?

A transcriptionist types medical reports from audio recordings, called dictations, from Doctors.

You can type for hospitals, transcription firms (easy entry), or for Doctors you contract with yourself (the most profitable)

But hasn’t technology made MT’s obsolete?

Absolutely not!  Heck, if technology did everything correctly then there wouldn’t be websites like  🙂

Real humans are needed to transcribe accurately and correctly complicated medical audio.

Train to work at home as a Medical Transcriptionist


I have to go to college right?

Wrong!  It is true, that to be a great MT means you need to learn medical terminology and the basics of MT.  The good news is you don’t have to spend 2 years in college to do it!

Until I landed a career in the field I am in now, I actually attended an online MT course via Career Step.  I also purchased a book on how to start my own business as an MT (this might be a good option if money is tight or you just want to dip your toe in the water!).

I did complete the entire Career Step program back when I was laid off in 2009, pregnant with my son.  I was able to complete the course in about 4 months with a 2.5 year old at my side too.

It was VERY comprehensive!  I even got equipment so that I could be ready to go as an MT!  It was a very complete program.  You’ll learn everything from how to use the keyboard, how to improve typing efficiency (hint: the faster the type the more you get paid!), medical terminology and tons of hands on practice.  Here is a video tour of their program.

There are even job placement services as well!


For a limited time, through 8/31 you can even get a FREE LAPTOP and $500 off tuition!

Check out their training program here – Career Step Medical Transcription Course Sign Up.


My mom was able to raise 2 of her grandbabies while running her MT business.  It wasn’t always easy, she worked lots of late nights making deadlines, but she was able to determine when she worked and her own schedule to meet her deliverables.  She’s now retired and living the RV life.

What do you think?  Do you see yourself in this career?  Drop me a comment below.

Have a special day!



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Deena Cannistraci

Special family means we have an extra special life. Wife and mother to a husband with Huntington's disease and a child with Juvenile Huntington's disease. Living life everyday making the most of what we can.


  1. Chris says:

    I think this is a great option for moms and dads with special needs children.

    Working from home as a medical transcriptionist gives you the flexibility needed to take care of your kids.

    It doesn’t look like it would take too long to learn either with the online resources available.

    1. Deena Cannistraci says:

      Hi Chris! Yes, it is a great option. You can set your own schedule and the options for employment can be very flexible. My mother found the best option was to work part-time during the day and then a bit in the evening. She did this all around busy grandchildren from the time they were born, through preschool and until Elementary school.

      The best advantage is when you get your own clients, where you are your own boss. I took the training at Career Step and it took me only a few months going full blown full time around my family’s schedule to complete the entire course. But don’t mistake that for not being a comprehensive course. You will learn everything you need, including how to get a job after graduation.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. lilywong says:

    medical transcriptionist? now that’s a new one. and it sounds really interesting too. but i can imagine it can be challenging to transcribe what doctors say if we don’t know medical terms very well. the offer you posted sounds really attractive. i am gonna check it out now! thanks for sharing!

    1. Deena Cannistraci says:

      Hi Lily!

      Yes, going about learning Medical Transcription on your own is not recommended. You will need to learn medical terminology in order to make good money. My mother even added a second income to her career by becoming an MT faculty teacher at the same Community College where she was trained. She did this part time for many, many years. The good news is, Career Step teaches you all of that in their online school. So you can do the training on your own time, from anywhere around your current schedule to learn what you need. Most graduates get a job right away as many employers are looking for Career Step graduates. Check it out! I hope it’s a good fit for you!


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