Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online for Special Needs Parents

…Or super flexible ways to earn an income while maintaining your super busy life

Both mom and dad can be super busy or mom might be the only one holding the torch Special Needs Parents Incomein your special family.  I know for me, being the only income earner, mother to 3 and taking care of my terminally ill husband I really have a hard time finding extra time to earn more money.

When you think of ways to increase your income they could include:

  • Part-time job – requires leaving family, having spouse, family member or paid help to watch your special someone
  • Part-time business – often medium to large startup costs, time spent marketing, face to face meetings, ongoing costs, lengthy telephone calls etc.

I don’t know about you, but trying to find cost effective care for 3 children often negates the amount of money I would earn from any of those avenues.  Also the lack of an additional spouse who can drive makes transportation very difficult as well.

Enter the solution…..

Making money online!

Using the internet to earn an income online works for us special families for the following benefits:

  1. Do the work in your PJ’s
  2. No set schedule or time to work – can work around therapy appointments, Doctor appointments, feedings, special time, play time, etc.
  3. No face to face meetings if you don’t want to
  4. Set your own income
  5. Low start up costs – I can show you how to start for $0!
  6. No telephone conversations if you don’t want to!

Top 5 list of ways to make money online

5. Freelance Writing – get paid to write articles or books for others.  Visit places like iWriter to get paid to write for others!  They claim that premium writers can get paid up to $40 per 500 word article!

4.  Virtual Assistant – start your own virtual assistant business!  A virtual assistant is someone who provides services to clients virtually.  That could be skills you had in the corporate world that now you are not using, spreadsheets, email management, letter typing, etc the list in endless.  Check out for more information on how to start your career.

3. Information Marketing – do you have knowledge in a specific area that you think others could benefit from?  Does your idea solve a problem?  Information marketing allows you to sell the information in your head to help others!  You could write a book, or develop a course with video or audio and sell it online.  You can even set up your own affiliate program to have a worldwide sales team doing the selling for you online!  Grab a FREE book on starting your own information marketing business here.

2. Affiliate Marketing – if creating your own information product is too daunting aHere are the top 5 ways to make money online for special needs parents. task, then simply promoting another person’s product might be right for you.  With this method you are simply helping to promote a product and collect a commission off of the sale, thus putting money in your family’s pocket!  In terms of your day to day life with special needs, this is the most time effective way to earn money online.  Check out how to get started here.

And now for the Number 1 way to earn an income online…

  1. Start your own online blog – your blog is a website where you share relevant information that interests you.  You earn income by recommending and promoting products and services that fit a need of your audience by combining your website with affiliate marketing.  Perhaps the recommendation you make solves a problem for your audience, you can write about the problem, offer potential solutions and get paid a referral fee as an affiliate when someone either purchases or signs up.  Check out my Getting Started post to learn how easy it is to get started making money online.

Drop me a comment below, what have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced in earning an income as a special needs parent?

Have a special day!


About Author

Deena Cannistraci

Special family means we have an extra special life. Wife and mother to a husband with Huntington's disease and a child with Juvenile Huntington's disease. Living life everyday making the most of what we can.


  1. Shakem says:

    Wow this is a really powerful post. Now I can see the obstacles that must be overcame just to make ends meet as a special needs parent. You addressed some of the problems and provided awesome solutions for any with a special needs family member.
    Making money online is a great opportunity for anyone with an extraordinary situation at home and Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to learn how.
    Thanks for a great post.

    1. Thanks Shakem! It’s definitely a busy life when you are a parent or spouse of someone with special needs. That is why working online is so appealing, but definitely having a road map is key to long term success. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cat Pillar says:

    You seem to be coping remarkably well for someone in what must be a very difficult situation – my hat goes off to you!
    Love your site too – it’s already sent me off looking in possible directions.
    Good info and good ideas.
    Thanx, Cat

    1. Hi Cat! Thank you so much. Coping can be very difficult when dealing with special needs children. I always try to look at the bright side of a situation, there is still so much to be thankful for in life. By the way, I just love your name Cat Pillar. My Autistic son LOVES caterpillars and even has one as his lovely. He has really used it to the point of it having no more stuffing, lost it’s antennae and only has two legs left! We find his caterpillar to be very helpful in high anxiety situations. So if feel you are my lucky charm that I have a caterpillar on my website. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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