Setup a Simple Family Monthly Budget – Your Why Should Make You Cry

Crying and Budgets?  Yes, sometimes looking at the reality of our income and habits of over spending can literally bring us to tears.  Sometimes when you’ve crunched the numbers you may even realize that you don’t have any money to buy gas and food or other ‘necessities’ before the next paycheck.

But I’m not talking about that type of crying.  Those tears are short-lived.  Those tears can be wiped.  What I’m talking about is the WHY behind the budget.  It’s not enough to know HOW to make a budget, or WHAT a budget is, or WHAT goes in it.  Those are all good things but they won’t get you to your goal.  They won’t drive you to do what needs to be done.

What is a why and do I need one?

Let’s be honest.  You search Google high and low looking for the ‘best’ budget, ‘how to do a budget’, looking for worksheets and printables to take charge of your budget.  You’ve probably read a dozen books on budgets, know all about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and probably even took the course.

But why are you not yet in charge of your financials?  Because, your budget doesn’t make you cry.  You have been working on the problem from the OUTSIDE in!  You are going the wrong direction!  You have not started with the heart of the issue first.  The WHY for the budget.

Wanting to have more money, wanting to have a better house, wanting to replace a car, all of those things are WHAT you are going to do with the money.  Not WHY you NEED the money.  What is the motivation?  What is going to happen if you don’t make a change?

Setup a simple family monthly budget, your why should make you cry
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What is your why?  This is what a powerful why does for you:

  1. Keep you from taking that $5 in your wallet and spending it on Starbucks, rather than put it towards your debt
  2. Holding a garage sale to sell things that don’t serve you to put towards debt
  3. Paying for that cell phone plan for an extreme amount, instead of applying that money towards a medical bill
  4. Buying a new car at $600/mo instead of buying a used car for $3000 or fixing up your existing one

Defining your why

Your why has to be that powerful to bring you to your knees to rid yourself of the debt or the spending habits that are keeping you from your ultimate goals.

So take a step back and sit in a quiet spot and reflect on WHY you have decided to set up a budget, or even start earning money online.  Write down your thoughts and figure out why is it important to have control of your money.

To get you started, I’m going to share my why with you.  My why that keeps me going, keeps that car from going to the drive thru because it is easier, the reason why I wake up everyday, the reason I send every dollar I can to my debt, reason I shop at resale stores, drive old cars and set out to earn money online.

Here is my why, that makes me cry (and maybe you too).

  1. I need to pay off our debt to ease the financial burden on my family – WHY So I can leave my corporate job to stay home to care for my terminally ill husband and 5 year old daughter.  WHY So I don’t miss out on the time when they are ‘healthy’ before the hard stuff starts. WHY because they will get worse. WHY because if I don’t I can’t turn back the clock. WHY because they are dying.
  2. I need to reduce our monthly expenses – WHY so that we need less income to live on overall and live comfortably.  WHY so I don’t have to replace as much income as I’m making now.  WHY so I can quit my day job sooner.  WHY so I can get as much time as possible with my family. WHY because they are dying.
  3. I need to generate an income with my blog.  WHY because blogging with affiliate income allows me the freedom to replace my income.  WHY so that I have a way to earn money on my own time, around my family’s needs. WHY because they will need full time care very soon.  WHY because they are dying.

Every time I think about spending one penny I need to pull out my why and stare at it.  I need to justify to myself the importance of spending that money over the end result, my WHY.  As you can tell, staring at the gravity of the situation here, there are many reasons to cry.  But the only reason I should ever cry is if I chose consciously to spend that money in a way that doesn’t meet my goal.  I have to explain to my future self why my choice today trumped my precious WHY and goals for tomorrow.  Every action I make today has an impact on our future.

I will leave you with this awesome clip from Les Brown and his speech on “You Gotta Be Hungry”.

Tell me, does your why make you cry?  Drop me a comment below.


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Deena Cannistraci

Special family means we have an extra special life. Wife and mother to a husband with Huntington's disease and a child with Juvenile Huntington's disease. Living life everyday making the most of what we can.


  1. Netta says:

    Hey Deena:

    You are absolutely right. Without the proper internal motivations (the motivations that turn your heart) you just do not build up the support you need inside yourself to keep to a really strict budget.

    Saving for a new refrigerator is nothing compared to paying down debt so you can go do the things you need to do for your family. (Sigh!)

    Good luck to you….

    1. Deena Cannistraci says:

      Thanks Netta!

  2. sofia says:

    Thanks for sharing. I find it difficult when one person in the household is budgeting money well but the other doesn’t have a clue or try to budget their money.

    It is a battle. That’s great you are doing what you’re doing. As most people who don’t manage money well continue to add more debt to themselves or others.

    Have a plan and follow through on it.

    1. Deena Cannistraci says:

      Yes! Plan and follow through. Thanks Sofia!

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