Getting Started - Simple Steps to Create your own blog

Getting Started

Do you have a child or someone you love with special needs and you want to earn a decent income from home while caring for them?

If you said yes, or maybe, then you are in the right place!  I’ll do my very best to detail what it takes to get started in just a few minutes online.

Yes today is the day!

Getting started earning an income online doesn’t have to be a daunting Get Started Online Special Needs Parents Incometask.  You have probably already tried a few things out there am I right?  Have you found that installing your WordPress site requires some help from your teenager?  Look, I’ve worked in IT for 15 years now so I’m a techno nerd, but the rest of the world isn’t!

So making this as painless as possible is best!  Having a platform that will set up your site in just a few minutes is key to your success!


Let’s face it, being a special needs parent is not easy.  Rewarding, but TOUGH.  Time is not a commodity that we can waste and we have less of it than our ‘normal’ friends.  Spending hours and days and even weeks watching YouTube videos or reading books on how to register a domain or install WordPress is not your game.  As the famous Sweet Brown once said ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’  – I love that lady!

Having a system that can do the work for you, that is what busy people and successful people need.

Okay, let’s break it down

Earning an income online requires 4 simple steps:

Choose an interest or niche

What is it that you love?  What floats your boat?  I’m sure that in your journey with your child that certain things have really sparked an interest for you and you’ve been thinking “If only I got paid to do…… with my child”.

Sit down and make a list of things that really get you excited.  Maybe it has nothing to do with your child, but this is a chance for you to shine as YOU!  Develop your passions, explore things you’ve long past forgotten in your caring for your child.  Pick a topic and write it down!

Build your own website

You’ll need a WordPress blog to build out a fully robust website.  Sorry, the free blogger platform will not do.  If you are serious about developing an income online you need to learn to install and run your own website and blog.  Wordpress is very user-friendly and if it is too overwhelming, don’t worry!

You can get an entire WordPress website installed in under 30 seconds at the push of a button.  Check out my post about it here: How to set up a blog in less than 30 seconds.

Attract visitors

“If you build it, they will come”, the famous line from Field of Dreams.  Unfortunately, famous baseball players from ‘the other side’ will not come to visit your blog right away.  Unless you are writing about baseball history, this is probably not your target market anyway!  The best way to attract visitors to your website is writing relevant content on a regular basis.

This is why a blog combined with embedding affiliate offers is so ideal for us special needs parents.  In between the hustle and bustle of your appointments and caring for your child, you can write a little here, a little there.  In fact, I wrote this post a little before dinner, ate dinner, played with the kids outside, gave them medicine, gave them a bath and then a little quiet time.  As they had quiet time to unwind I sat down and wrote a bit more.  Then story time and tucking them into bed, I’m now free to finish this post in between my nightly chores of cleaning up the kitchen and laundry and getting ready for another day.

You can write one blog post a day, trust me it’s manageable.  If you miss a day?  There is no boss hanging over your head making you get it done.  Just get right back on track the next day and continue on.  You are in charge!

After you’ve made your post, share it on social media.  Tweet it, Pin it, share on Facebook and let your friends and family know you’ve got a new post.  Attract followers through topics and posts that relate to your chosen topic.  Be sure to research and find relevant affiliate programs and use your special link to get credit from anyone who makes a purchase.

Want to get more training tailored exactly how to create an audience and build a following?  Click here for a complete step by step course to get you started.

Earn Revenue

Ah yes, the point of this website!  To EARN MONEY using your blog!  Above I mentioned that in your content you want to link to programs that will pay you a referral fee for recommending their product when someone makes a purchase.  I don’t like to be spammy though.  Don’t fill up your posts with nothing but links, unless your post is all about resources etc.  Make sure that it fits with the content you have created.

Also, I for the most part recommend products and programs that I have personally used.  If I have never used it myself I will let the reader know.  Don’t go feeling that you have to purchase everything you recommend, just be upfront.  Let the reader know that it seems like a good value for the following reasons.  If you have used the product, then go to town letting them know all the things you like about it, dislike about it etc.

Talk to your audience.  You don’t need to have a major in English or be a journalist.  This is your website.  Talk naturally.  Do check for spelling errors and basic grammar.  I’m not an expert so I probably drive some readers nuts, but that’s okay.  It’s your content, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

In order to convert your readers into revenue make sure to end every post with a call to action.  Let the reader know what steps they can take to solve their problem.

Getting Started - Simple Steps to Create your own blog

Time to take action

Now that you’ve seen the basics, what is holding you back?  If you want a short cut to getting everything set up quickly and have a simple and affordable training program guiding you step by step then click here.  This is the exact program I used to launch this blog in a few minutes.


If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me!

Have a special day!